Stage One: Behaviour Dog Parent Training (BDPT-S1)

Stage One is a three part program provided for both stand-alone, do it yourself project for you and your dog, and, as part of our one-on-one, expert-led BDPT program. 

This foundational program teaches you valuable lessons to set the foundation for life for managing behaviour issues. Many of our lessons focus on traumatised and rescued dogs; however, it is not exclusive to these categories. Even dogs from good lineages can experience behaviour challenges due to various factors.  

Change for animals, humans or dogs, requires new ways to think, feel, act and behave. We will teach you in this course how change works in your role as a dog parent. It lays the cornerstones for strengthening your relationship with your dog. It also develops core communications to develop shared understanding and cooperation.

By the end of BDPT-Stage One, you will have learned:

  • The roles you need to perform to help your dog as found in our ACCEPT© Model
  • Identify triggers and set a strategy
  • Expectations set for your investment of time and energy
  • The layout of each of our eight sessions
  • How dogs change their behaviour
  • Begin to build your 'Calming Toolkit'

You will be able to:

  • Motivate your dog to learn, listen and calm themselves
  • Understand the foundations around how to change your dog

All downloadable worksheets, tools and files for BDPT - Stage One are found below. To understand their use and to apply them properly please watch all the lectures contained in the course.

18 Lessons

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Downloadable Files

Daily Journal Tracking

How success is achieved through self-tracking to escalate and creates precision focus on progress.


ACCEPT© Model & the Roles to Change Your Dog for Life

Introduces various roles a dog parent must play in order to become the best caregiver.

The Impact of Fear & Force

Why Force Undermines Your Parenting Role

Brings awareness and insight into what force is, what it does to human-dog relationships and popular beliefs

Suspending Triggers & Calming the Mind

The Basics of Triggers

To understand what triggers are and asks parents to create a list of triggers.

Trigger Worksheet Assignment

An assignment to help dog parents identify triggers their dog may have and is essential to develop strategies in following lessons

Practical: Manage Stage and the Build Stage

The two equally important strategies to support behaviour change.

Making Learning a Happy Place

Motivating Your Dog With Recipe Included

Dog parents learn all about motivating their dogs to find joy in learning with them.

The Power of Puzzles

Dog parents gain an understanding of enrichment through puzzle play

Practical: Nurturing Problem-Solving Skills and Mental Stimulation

Dog parents apply teaching and coaching best practices for enriching problem-solving.

More Games ...

Explore new games to provide teaching and coaching opportunities, while creating enrichment in the dog's life.

The Power of Your Voice

Introduction to CPM

Canine Paralanguage Method (CPM)

This lesson teaches how our voice and expression can deliver a type of therapy add-on to support behaviour change and deepen our bond with our dogs.

Practical: CPM and Psychophysiology Tool Creation

Games that Teach and Calm

Practical: Basic Level for Strengthening Impulse Control

Dog Parents begin to put in place impulse control. This foundational level will be built upon throughout this course until Mastery is achieved.

Practical: Intermediate Level for Strengthening Impulse Control

In Real-Time: Teaching Leave-it & Quiz

Practical: Beginner & Intermediate Touch

Learn how to teach Touch the way - it different and works on building your relationship

Self-Assessment for Stage 2 Readiness

Introduction to stage one metrics and self tracking dashboard